JEE-Main Crash Course 2023 – Mathematics

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Are you searching for the best study material to crack your IIT seat? Lalans Crash Course is curated by the best faculties in Lalan’s coaching classes to enhance your Engineering preparation. Go through this Lalan’s Crash Course 2023 Study Material and prepare for JEE 2023 exam.

Lalans Crash Course Mathematics study material for JEE Main is curated by the best faculties in Lalan’s coaching classes to enhance your Engineering preparation. Grab the best study material to crack your IIT seat to pursue your dream career.

In this crash course, we have compiled all the important concepts of Mathematics and its applications. These are the most commonly asked questions from students and parents who are preparing for JEE Main, NEET, and other engineering entrance exams. We have also added some extra tips to help you solve those tricky questions with ease.

This Crash Course will help you improve your understanding of basic, advanced, and advanced-level questions that appear in the upcoming entrance examinations like JEE MAIN, JEE MAIN Advanced, and NEET UG.


Lalan’s Crash Course is a great resource to study mathematics for JEE main and other engineering entrance exams. We are offering this study material because we believe that every student should have access to quality resources to enhance their preparation and make sure they crack their IIT seat. Lalans Crash Course is a rich collection of mathematical formulae and easy-to-understand illustrations. Covering the most important topics such as whole numbers, integers, and decimals; fractions and percentages; geometry; ratio, proportion, and variation; ratios, percentage problem types; algebra (arithmetic), algebra (linear), algebra (advanced); statistics, data interpretation, data sufficiency, and logical reasoning.

Booklet Content 1:

1. Sets
2. Relations and Functions-I
3. Trigonometric Functions
4. Principle of Mathematical Induction
5. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
6. Linear Inequalities
7. Permutations and Combinations
8. Binomial Theorem
9. Sequences & Series
10. Straight Lines
11. Conic Sections
12. Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry
13. Limits and Derivatives
14. Mathematical Reasoning
15. Statistics
16. Probability-I

Booklet Content 2:

17. Relations & Functions-II
18. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
19. Matrices
20. Determinants
21. Continuity and Differentiability
22. Application of Derivatives
23. Integrals
24. Application of Integrals
25. Differential Equations
26. Vector Algebra
27. Three Dimensional Geometry
28. Linear Programming
29. Probability-II