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NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is one of the most challenging and crucial exams for aspiring medical students in India. As the gateway to esteemed medical colleges, preparing for NEET requires meticulous planning, rigorous practice, and expert guidance. To meet these needs,, in collaboration with Lalan’s Coaching Classes, presents the NEET 2025 Classroom Test Series. This series is designed to provide comprehensive preparation for all NEET aspirants aiming to secure top ranks and become the future doctors of the nation.

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Why Choose NEET 2025 Classroom Test Series?

Preparing for NEET is not just about studying hard; it’s about studying smart. The NEET 2025 Classroom Test Series is meticulously crafted to cover every aspect of the exam, providing students with the tools they need to excel. Let’s dive deeper into the unique features and benefits of this comprehensive test series:

Expertly Designed Curriculum

The curriculum of the NEET 2025 Classroom Test Series is a result of the combined expertise of seasoned educators from and Lalan’s Coaching Classes. These experts have decades of experience in guiding NEET aspirants and a deep understanding of the exam’s evolving patterns and difficulty levels.

In-Depth Subject Knowledge The experts have curated a curriculum that not only covers the NEET syllabus in detail but also integrates the latest changes and trends. Each test is designed to challenge students, ensuring they are well-prepared for any surprises in the actual exam.

Real-Exam Simulation The test series mirrors the exact format of the NEET exam, including the type and distribution of questions, the marking scheme, and the level of difficulty. This real-exam simulation helps students get accustomed to the pressure and time constraints of the actual test day.

Focus on Conceptual Clarity Rather than just rote learning, the curriculum emphasizes conceptual clarity. Detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions are provided for each question, enabling students to understand the underlying concepts thoroughly. This approach ensures a strong foundation, which is crucial for solving complex problems efficiently.

Holistic Preparation

Integrated Learning The series integrates learning across subjects, encouraging students to apply interdisciplinary knowledge. For example, understanding the principles of physics can often help in solving complex problems in biology and vice versa.

Comprehensive Coverage The test series covers every topic and sub-topic mentioned in the NEET syllabus, leaving no stone unturned. From fundamental concepts to advanced theories, every aspect is addressed with equal importance, ensuring that students are well-versed in all areas.

Strategic Subject Focus The series also offers strategic focus areas for each subject. For instance, in Physics, mechanics and electromagnetism are given special emphasis due to their higher weightage in the NEET exam. Similarly, organic chemistry and human physiology are highlighted in Chemistry and Biology, respectively.

About and Lalan's Coaching Classes

Lalan’s Coaching Classes

Lalan Kumar sir

Lalan’s Coaching Classes is a renowned name in the field of competitive exam preparation. With a proven track record of producing top NEET rankers, Lalan’s focuses on delivering quality education and personalized guidance to each student. is a leading online platform dedicated to NEET preparation. Founded by a team of experienced educators and technologists, offers a range of resources, including video lectures, practice questions, and mock tests.

Vision for NEET 2025

The founders of and Lalan’s Coaching Classes share a common vision: to democratize NEET preparation and provide every aspirant, regardless of their background, with the opportunity to succeed. Their collaboration aims to create a robust support system for students, combining technology with traditional coaching methods.

Tips for Using the Test Series Effectively

Study Plan Create a detailed study plan that aligns with the test schedule. Allocate sufficient time for each subject and topic. Include time for revision and practice tests.

Time Management Practice managing your time effectively during tests to simulate real exam conditions. Allocate time for each section and stick to it, ensuring you can attempt all questions within the given time.

Review Strategies After each test, review your answers thoroughly. Focus on understanding the solutions and correcting your mistakes. Keep a notebook for common mistakes and difficult questions to review later.

Consistent Practice Regular practice is key to success in NEET. Use the test series to practice consistently and build your confidence. Attempt all tests seriously, as if you are taking the actual NEET exam.

Seek Help When Needed Don’t hesitate to seek help if you are stuck on a topic. Use the doubt resolution sessions to clarify any confusion and strengthen your understanding.

Stay Motivated Preparing for NEET is a long journey. Stay motivated by setting small, achievable goals and rewarding yourself when you meet them. Keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.


Where can I register for the NEET 2025 Classroom Test Series?

Visit the NEET 2025 AICTS Registration to register.

What is the format of the tests?

The tests follow the NEET exam pattern, with a mix of MCQs from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

How often are the tests conducted?

Tests are conducted bi-weekly, providing ample time for preparation and revision.

What is the fee for the test series?

The registration fee for the entire test series is INR 12,999. For complete 57 Test series


The NEET 2025 Classroom Test Series by and Lalan’s Coaching Classes is an invaluable resource for all NEET aspirants. With its expertly designed curriculum, comprehensive coverage, and robust support system, this test series is your key to acing NEET 2025. Equip yourself with the best preparation and take a step closer to your dream of becoming a doctor. Register today and embark on your journey to success.

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