NEET Crash Course 2023 – Biology

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Lalan’s Crash Courses are designed to give you the best possible preparation for the JEE and NEET. They are a blend of high-quality study material and expert guidance that help you to crack the exam.

You can use these crash courses as a supplement to your regular study plan or as an alternative. This is because these crash courses contain only high-quality material curated by Lalan himself and expert faculty members.

Experts from various institutes like IIT, IIM, AIIMS, and other reputed institutes across India prepare the Lalan’s Crash Course for Biology. This course will help you to understand the concepts in depth and build a strong foundation for your medical career.

About This Study Material:-

  • The best preparation material
  • Your dream of getting into the medical field
  • Material created by top doctors and faculties in Lalan’s coaching institute…
  • Basic human anatomy
  • Ease in understanding  concept
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Lalan’s Crash Course Biology is a comprehensive guide that helps students to understand all the concepts of biology and covers all the topics needed for NEET 2023. Students can now understand each and every topic with ease!

Booklet 1 Content:

1. The Living World
2. Biological Classification
3. Plant Kingdom
4. Animal Kingdom
5. Morphology of Flowering Plants
6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7. Structural Organisation in Animals
8. Cell: The Unit of Life
9. Biomolecules
10. Cell Cycle and Cell Divison
11. Transport in Plants
12. Mineral nutrition

Booklet 2 Content:

23. Reproduction in Organisms
24, Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
25. Human Reproduction
26. Reproductive Health
27. Principles of Inheritance and Variation
28. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
29. Evolution
30. Human Health and Disease
31. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
32. Microbes in Human Welfare