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UGC Plans to combine NEET JEE into CUET as One Entrance Exam

UGC - Plans To Combine NEET & JEE Exam into CUET-UG as One Entrance Exam.

The Union Grants Commission is planning to integrations of all engineering entrance and medical entrance exams into the Common University Entrance Test Undergraduate (CUET-UG). UGC Chairperson spoke to TOI about the proposal of combining JEE & NEET exams into one, where “instead of appearing for the four subjects – mathematics, physics, chemistry& biology in three exams, students can take the exam once and be eligible for and explore different filed of study

Why Conduct Many Exams For Same Subjects?

UGC notification on merging NEET & JEE into CUET as One Entrance Exam

Currently, students are given multiple entrance exams for their desired fields. If a candidate wants to get into IITs and NIT he/she has to crack Joint Entrance Exam(JEE) and if a candidate wants to get into the top medical colleges of the country had to give National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG). Another proposal this year of Common University Entrance Test for Undergrad (CUET -UG) for students who want to take admitted to top universities across the Country after the 12th passed.
This year many issues were faced by students for all three exams where the date of the exams were colliding and students requested the National Testing Agency (NTA) to change the dates. Due to several issues faced by candidates, the UGC has now planned to merge JEE & NEET into CUET-UG under the One Nation One Entrance Exam.

How This Integration of Entrance Exam Will Help Students For Their Carrier.

According to the UGC Chairperson M Jagadesh Kumar “The proposal is forming to help students out from subjecting to multiple examinations. The students should have one single entrance examinations, but multiple opportunities to apply among the disciplines.” Around 43 lakhs aspirants appear for three major competitive entrance exam. This integration of entrance exam will reduce the burden of multiple examination in a year and become One Nation One Entrance Exam.

NTA Establishing Exam Centres

The Union Grants Commission will form a committee on the proposal of integration of all three major entrance examinations. Also due to these examination students has to travel for their exam centres for which NTA is also working on establishing exam centres so that these can be used throughout the year. 

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