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7 best tips for time to study during Durga puja holidays

How To Manage Time For Study During Durga Puja Holidays?

Durga puja is one of the biggest festivals celebrated all over India, it is the welcoming of Goddess Durga into everyone’s heart and home. Maa Durga is widely devoted by the Bengalis household and in a major part of North-east India. However, during this carnival session in the month of October 2022, all the students will get 5-6 days of holiday.

During this holiday students will take a rest from their studies and enjoy the Durga Pujo. But many students will utilize this time in their favor to get ahead of other candidates to accomplish their goals and get All India Ranking in JEE(Main+Advanced), NEET, CEE, and Boards Exam.

Importance Of Durga Puja Holiday For Students.

During this Durga Puja, students must celebrate the festival to the fullest to enjoy a stress-free time. However, you must create a study routine in between your enjoyable hours to keep yourself on track with the syllabus to get ahead of the other candidates.

We create a simple study routine for you to follow during Durga puja which will help you to learn things consciously.

7 Study Tips To Follow During Durga Puja Holiday.

1. Study In the Morning: The best time to study during the holiday is in the morning when you will get pure positive vibes during your study time with the blessing of Maa Durga avatar goddess Saraswati and other goddesses. Students can utilize holiday mornings for at least 2 hours for studying and enjoy all day with their friends and family.

2. Have A Stress-free Time During the vacation: As there are no big exams scheduled in the upcoming months’ candidates can enjoy this blissful time stress-free. This holiday time will refresh your brain to capture more knowledge during study hours.

3. Take Mock Tests in Your Free Time: During this puja time, students must focus on creating memories with their families while going to Durga Maa pandals and Mellas to keep themselves engaged at that moment. But when you get free time you can take online mock tests to have an upper hand in your academic exams.

4. One Study Hours in the Afternoon/Evening: Students can have a 1-2hours of study time during the afternoon or evening to revise the things you have learned in the morning to keep track of your knowledge.

5. Read or Watch Achievers Stories and Motivational Videos: Students can watch some good content during this time to have an active intellect by watching some movies like “The Theory of Everything“, motivational videos like Ted Talks, and stories of NEET, JEE 2022 achievers.

6. Night Time Study Hours: During the night time before sleep students can study for 1 hour and mark important topics in the syllabus to cover them the next morning. This will help to preplan your study topics to save you time during the morning for what to study.

7. Keep Yourself Healthy: To enjoy the Durga puja at its fullest and cover your syllabus in time you must keep yourself healthy. Avoid junk foods and poor sleep schedule which will lead to an unhealthy and foggy brain.

Students must enjoy this Durga Puja holiday by making beautiful memories with your friends and families. However, the EQ (emotional quotient) is far more effective than IQ (Intelligence quotient). So have a Happy Durga Puja & Dussehra.

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