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Why to choose PCMB after Class 10

Why Choose PCMB After Class 10? Career Planning.

Every student has a big question about choosing the best career options or a stream after Class 10th. Picking the right stream is always a confusing and tough decision to pursue a career. We often choose streams under peer pressure because of the wide scope of different streams. However, if you choose the path of your career on the basis of your interest and gut feeling then you will excel in it for sure.

Here we will talk about why to choose PCMB or Science stream for your career!

PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology) are the subjects under the Science streams and the toughest subjects among all the streams. Picking both Mathematics and Biology will open up many opportunities to pursue like Agricultural Engineering, Bio-Mathematics, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Bio-Informatics, and many more to explore.

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing PCMB After Class 10th.

Science is a tough stream to pursue when you combine Biology and Mathematics with other subjects and one additional subject. Before making a decision for your career you need to research various terms like Scope of field, Your Interest, and your ambition in life. Below we curate a few points for you to help with career planning and reasons to go with PCMB after Class 10.

1. Wide opportunity in PCMB to pursue: 

In India, every parent and relative gives advice to choosing the science stream because of its wide career opportunity to pursue in different filed like Medical or Engineering and many more. After passing out from your Higher Secondary School and learning from the best colleges you can get top posts in a private organization and also in the public sector.

With the combination of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology many students will get confused to pick one good field for them due to various door open after class 12. We recommend having one goal to pursue and giving your 100% on it.

2. PCMB subject requires tonnes of hard work:

Choosing a combination of subjects that will let you get into a higher position and a good stable career requires an immense amount of hard work because the competition gets tough each and every year. Through PCMB students can prepare for the National toughest examinations for getting a seat in India’s top Colleges or Universities for Medical and Engineering.

3.  Overcoming the fear of failure:

You might have heard from your seniors how tough is to pursue PCMB in the Science stream. Many students avoid combing these two subjects Mathematics and Biology due to the level of hard work it requires to keep up with both subjects. The fear of having backlogs in these subjects will create chaos in your brain about whether to go with it or not. To overcome the fear you need good mentors who can guide you through each subject and nurture your skills to adapt to the toughness of exams. 

4. Should I prepare for NEET or JEE (Mains + Advanced) after PCMB: 

PCMB opens both Medical and Engineering scope for the students to explore and make a good career in it. But due to the availability of both scopes, many students are stuck between which field to choose. We saw students who prepare for both NEET and JEE exams simultaneously to try their luck. Preparation for NEET and JEE  requires tonnes of mental capability and a hardcore routine to follow after that only a few succeed in cracking both exams. We recommend going with one field in which you see your life goals and ambition to achieve. However, you have to give your full potential to crack the exam as both exams come under India’s toughest competitive exam.

5. Your Life will be different from other streams of students:

 Till Class 10th you have enjoyed a lot with your friends but after getting into Class 11th and mainly the science stream your daily routine will change. As we say Class 11th is a building block for creating a successful career and achieving good academic scores you need lots of hard work and sacrifice some joy to attain success. You will see other streams’ students having fun after school hours and students with PCMB subjects have to go for coaching or additional classes after school, with all of these changes and sacrifice for higher goals will surely pay off with your hard work.

Choosing stream after class 10th is one of the most difficult decisions that you have to take in order to build your entire career on it and reach the highest position in your life. To have thorough details about different streams we would suggest you speak with career counsellors or the known ones who have succeeded in their field and they will give you the best advice out of their experience.

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