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Correct Process To Fill OMR Sheets​ in JEE, NEET & CEE 2023 Examination.

OMR Filling Process: Optical Mark Recognition is the process of reading the information from the paper students mark during the examination. Primarily it is based on MCQ(multiple choice question) and a candidate needs to shade the answer the right way.

The main reason for using an OMR sheet instead of traditional question paper is to save time and generate the answer or result with high accuracy on a time with the use of an OMR machine.

Process To Fill OMR Sheets

OMR Filling Process for LAITS 2022-23 Examination

Many students make mistakes in shading the OMR sheets in the right way and this mistake leads to an error in reading the OMR sheets in the machine. The candidate needs to bubble the area in the correct way to generate high accuracy during checking.

Here we mention the correct process for filling the OMR sheets. 

NEET, JEE OMR Shading Instruction

The above image is provided by the NTA for NEET OMR instruction. Candidates can get an idea of how they should form the bubble on the sheets for proper validation of the response.

Section Wise Question & Marks of OMR Sheet For NEET

Subjects Sections Number of Questions Section Wise Marks
Physics Section A Q.1 - Q.35 140
Section B Q.36 - Q.50 40
Chemistry Section A Q.51 - Q.85 140
Section B Q.86 - Q.100 40
Botany Section A Q.101 - Q.135 140
Section B Q.136 - Q.150 40
Zoology Section A Q.151 - Q.185 140
Section B Q.186 - Q.200 40
Total 200 720

Follow the above OMR sheet filling instructions to get correct marks and proper validation of the sheet. You can take Lalans All India Test Series 2022-23 test and get prepared for JEE & NEET 2023 exam.

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