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Mental Health of Students and Their Studies

How World Mental Health Day Help Students & Their Studies.

World Mental Health Day 2022: The human brain is one complex thing in the entire universe to understand and act on, with its complex nature we humans sometimes get disturbing thoughts that lead to anxiety and depression. World mental health day is observed every year on October 10 to create awareness about the issue of mental health and its problems which can be cured by proper timely treatment.

In 1992 the world first celebrated mental health day to raise awareness and was seen many people were suffering and they need immediate help to save their life.

This year the World Health Organization (WHO) theme is to “Make mental health & Well being for all a global priority

Effect of Mental Health of Students and Their Studies.

In India, we observed many students are subconsciously fighting with mental health issues likes arising of anxiety before the exam period and the state of depression they deal with after the result. In the past 2000 – 2009 students were taking their life due to bad results in their board exams and the fear of facing society and because of failure, they took those steps. From our point of view, it could be stopped earlier if we had focused on the surge in mental illness where people hide their state of being in anxiety and depression. 

Many people think it is taboo or feel ashamed of sharing their mental health status with their parents or with anyone else. This also happens with many students who are suffering from it and hide their mental status from their parents and friends until the illness spread dangerously. Students mainly start suffering from mental illness when they feel the pressure of their studies and the pressure of creating a good name for their family in society. This creates so much chaos in the brain of students to stand on everyone’s expectations where the strong students fight with it and keep working hard in their studies while others slip away in their mental illness.

How to Overcome From Mental illness?

After the covid-19 happened many students were tense regarding their studies which were paused due to the pandemic and mostly those time online education was introduced and was not that effective for all students who were weaker in academic performance. In 2019 to till the Indian govt and many non-commercial organizations formed a community to battle the Mental Health Issue where students and many people can express their thoughts on their mental status and organizations help those people by appointing some life counsellors and doctors.

Here are some steps for students to overcome their mental illness battle: 

1. Share your daily thoughts with someone close: Just sharing your daily thoughts with that person who listens to you without having any judgmental thoughts on your mental status will help you to calm down your mental urge of anxiety or depression. All you need good advice from experienced people who have gone through the same state. This will help you to improve your focus on your studies and achieve your desired goal.

2. Avoid Consuming too much social media content: Today’s generation always stick to their phone and consumes all types of content which make our brain vulnerable to bad thoughts and a path to anxiety and depression. Because not everything on social media is true which also distract you from your studies.  Consume good thoughtfully content from where you can refresh your brain and which will motivate you to work hard on your academic performance, also keep a time bound for using social media. 

3. Have a daily routine for exercising, yoga and meditation: As this year’s theme of world health mental day by WHO is “Make mental health & Well being for all a global priority” which implies you should have a daily routine of exercising, yoga and meditation to nourish or detox your brain from the Fogg of anxiety and depression.

4. Always wake up early to take the first ray of SUN: We often heard this from our parents or from the elder ones to have the habit of waking up early, just having a good sleep cycle will improve your metabolism, and also sleep is the best natural recovery method for the whole body including the brain. Do take early morning SUN rays which are filled with a good amount of Vitamin D to swipe away your darkness and boost your bones and brain to work efficiently and effectively during studies.

5. Try to have more recreational activities and fun with your close ones: Todays time many students have their own room and always staying in the same 4 blocks of walls will lead you to have a mental illness. So, try to spend some good times with your friends and family where you can laugh and smile with them to fresh your mind from the pressure of studies and other things.

These small and effective steps will help you to overcome all sorts of pressure a student suffering from during their schooling and competitive life and also make your brain stronger to fight against the bad thoughts of anxiety and depression.

Always remember these famous quotes from famous Indians who battle with their mental illness.

  • “It’s a completely normal thing. It’s a biological problem. If you had constant stomach pain, wouldn’t you go to the doctor? It’s that simple.” – Anushka Sharma
  • “that every solution is within your own self, I found the strength within me”- Deepika Padukone
  • “It’s a normal thing. We all go through ups and downs. When you go through a down, then the most important thing is clarity of thought. Sometimes, your brain takes over and feeds you with unwanted thoughts.”- Hrithik Roshan

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