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MBBS in Hindi Version available in Bhopal MP, India for 3 subjects

MBBS in Hindi Version For 3 Subjects at Bhopal,MP

MBBS in Hindi Language: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is the course offered in top Medical colleges and Universities like AIIMS to make new aspirants good doctors at service.

Recently in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan with education minister Vishvas Kailash Sarang and Home Minister Amit Shah launched the MBBS Course books in the Hindi language. Now in Madhya Pradesh state medical colleges will provide MBBS courses and medical knowledge in Hindi version. The Medical officials launched 3 subjects in Hindi which are Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Medical Physiology. 

What is the benefit of learning MBBS In Hindi?

This initiative took place on 16th October 2022, with the key motive of helping all the poor background children who are not able to buy costly medical books and who are not so good with the English language. With the Hindi version, the book price will be affordable to all and students can now get admission by cracking the NEET exam in their favorite language Hindi.

Key Points Of Learning MBBS Course In Hindi:

1. Affordability of MBBS Course Books to all aspirants of medical exams.

2. Easy access to education for all those students who have not studied in English medium.

3. Easy understanding of medical terms in Hindi version and learning medical procedures.

Why Indian Government Choose To Introduce MBBS Course In Hindi?

Many countries are teaching medical courses in their language to create an easy-to-reach education for all, with this idea Indian govt. took the initiative to promote the Hindi version of medical knowledge. It’s in an experimental stage now, a committee has been established to translate three subjects into Hindi version.
Dr.Manohar Laal Bhandari is a key initiative person who always wanted to provide the medical course in Hindi since 1991. He wrote several letters to so many prime ministers of our country to move forward with his idea of converting the medical course language into Hindi. His never give up attitude finally paid off and now he is a member of the committee. He said after the success of the experimental stages many states will come forward to add the Hindi Language in Medical Colleges for MBBS Courses.

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