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Study tips for jee advanced 2022 aspirants

Last Minute Study Tips For JEE Advanced 2022

The JEE Advanced 2022 will be on 28th August 2022 (Sunday). Every aspirant is preparing very hard to crack JEE Advanced 2022 exam. This year total of 1.6lakh students registered for the Joint Entrance Exam (Advanced) 2022 out of 2.6 lakhs candidate cleared the JEE (Main) 2022.

Only a week left for the examination and to fulfill your dream to crack IIT. Here we curated 8 effective tips you must follow in last-minute study tips.

8 Effective Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2022

To crack JEE Advanced 2022 a candidate should be confident in their preparation strategy. Go through these last-minute study tips to amplify your preparation.

1. NCERT Is Enough For Your Desire Result:

The NCERT books are more than enough for your JEE advanced 2022 exam, as all the solutions and exercises are precise if you go through them properly.

2. Go Through The Past 5 year’s Exam Papers:

To know the exam pattern and marking scheme go through the previous year’s question papers. Solving the previous year’s papers highlights the important question which may come in JEE advanced 2022.

3. A proper Daily routine for the last 5 days:

These last 5-6 days are the crucial period to enhance your study skill to adapt to the time concise of the exam. Do a regular meditation to boost your brain with good thoughts and confidence to help you learn fast and crack the exam with a higher percentile.

4. A Thorough Revision of Complete Syllabus:

Mastering in JEE advanced 2022 complete syllabus in this last week will guarantee your seat in IIT. Go thoroughly with the syllabus and do multiple time revisions of the important topics and chapters to help you consciously adapt to solve the question within the timeframe.

5. A Good Sleep Routine For A Week:

A good sleep cycle is as important as preparing for the exam. If you won’t take proper sleep during this last week it will show a negative impact on your exam as well as on your health. Good sound sleep will help to restore all the hard work you did and it will increase your memory power to recall all the formulas and methods.

6. Take Mock Test As Much As Possible:

Giving a mock test in last minute study strategy will help you do understand to solve the question within the time bound with less to no negative markings. Mock tests are best to prepare you before the exams.

7. Follow a Balance Diet For Deep Concentration Study:

Eating a good diet is necessary to avoid cravings during study and to help you avoid any sort of diseases before exams. A good and proper diet will lead you to focus more on your study with full concentration.

8. Manifesting Your Dreams Every Day To Crack IIT:

Keep reminding yourself of your dreams to keep on your track for daily self-motivation for study and boost your confidence to score above 90-95 percentile in JEE Advanced 2022 exam.

Follow all these steps to secure above 90 percentile in Joint Entrance Exam (Advanced) 2022. All The Best For JEE Advanced 2022 Aspirants.

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