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The Six Best Things About How to Prepare For JEE After 10th

Prepare for JEE after 10th

You must be a young student surfing the internet hoping to find some tricks and tips to help you prepare for JEE after 10th. Well then, you are in the right place. Because we are going to tell you all the things we know that you can use to arm yourselves for the exam.

  • Proper planning is the answer:

Proper planning of study timetable, subject study, and self-assessments is the right way to prepare for JEE after 10th. Planning a year before, or even two years before the exam will help you fully prepare for what lies ahead. Because the longer you prepare, the better the result is going to be. Also, most importantly, be consistent in your execution of plans. Make it a daily task so that you do not lose track.

  • Take notes from previous years exams:

Make sure you go through the previous year’s exam questions to take note of some concepts that appear frequently in exams. Highlight them and study them thoroughly as it is most likely to appear in the next exam as well. This way, you can save your energy and time as you will no longer need to go through entire questions of previous years.

  • Know your exam:

Your JEE Main exam will consist of two papers – Paper I and Paper-II. Paper-I will consist of 75 questions (MCQs) carrying 300 marks, while Paper-II will cover 77 questions carrying 400 marks. The duration of the exam will 180 minutes. The JEE Advanced exam will cover subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Both the exams will be held online in (CBT) mode. Prepare your study accordingly.

  • Self-assessment:

Another way to prepare for JEE after the 10th is to conduct mock tests and assessments on all the subjects every week or as frequently as you can. This will help you study regularly and extensively. Try to cover many topics and concepts as this will broaden your knowledge on the subject. Evaluate them and give yourself scoring so that you can know how much you have improved or need improvement.

  • Time management:

Time management is as important as understanding your subjects when you prepare for JEE after the 10th. Your time management skills will be a deciding factor for your scoring on the main exam. You can practice managing time by maintaining a proper study timetable. Also, frequently doing a mock test will help you when the real exam comes. Time management is not only important for your preparation, but it is also important for your main exam as you can expect to sit for the main exam the whole day.

  • Join a coaching class:

One way of perfecting your preparation for JEE after the 10th is to join a coaching class. In a coaching institution, you will be mentored and guided by a professional. Not only will you be tutored on concerned subjects, you will also be provided with study materials which will include books and question papers. You will also be made to participate in mock tests frequently that will help you exercise your knowledge on various subjects. Also, in a coaching institution, you will be well-groomed for the main exam so that you do not get nervous and be well versed with exam-taking strategies when the day comes.

Prepare for JEE after 10th ( Mains and Advance) Subject To Consider:

Both the JEE Main and Advanced Syllabus exams will cover Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects.

  • In Physic- it will cover Gravity, kinematics, thermodynamics, optics, electromagnetism, laws of motion, and electronic devices.
  • In Mathematics- it will cover Quadratic equations, sequences and series, mathematical induction, integral calculus, matrices, coordinate geometry, and differential equations.
  • In Chemistry- it will cover States of matter, basic organic chemistry principles, redox reactions, chemical kinetics, environmental chemistry, atomic structure, and periodic groups.

Make sure you go through all the topics above and revise them regularly so that you can ace your JEE main and advance exams.

At Lalan coaching Institute, we take utmost care of our dear students. Armed with some of the best teaching faculty in the country, we have managed to produce many good-ranking JEE candidates in the past years. We believe in providing proper guidance and mentoring to our students so that they can all ace their exams. 

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