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Equality Education during covid 19 In India

As we all know the pandemic has completely brought classroom learning across the country to a halt for more than a year now, and Equality education institutions have been compelled to go for online classes. During this precarious time, there are only a few coaching institutions that have successfully managed to mentor and guide students for their examinations and Lalan’s coaching classes is one of them. Armed with some of the best faculties in the state, Lalan’s coaching classes has helped students take their dreams forward.

Impact of Equality Education during covid -19:

Right from complete closure of classrooms to degrading mental health of students, Covid-19 has in many ways affected the students of our country. Initially, the closure of schools was only temporary and it was later opened only to be closed again due to alarming spread of the virus. At the end of the day, it became mandatory to teach students through online mode only.

School teachers as well as coaching institute teachers had to adapt to the new way of teaching online using smart phones and laptops. Simultaneously, students had to adapt to the new way of learning through a small screen of a smart phone or YouTube. This transition was quite challenging for the teachers and students equally in the beginning, but as time passed, they were able to master the art of teaching as well as learning digitally.

As much struggle as it is for many students to study digitally, there are many advantages of learning digitally for students. One such advantages is that there is more teacher-student interaction as the student can connect personally with the teacher through a screen and such advantage is not possible in a classroom. Another advantage is the flexibility in learning time at the comfort of their homes. With the introduction of digital learning, students have more flexible learning hours to choose from as they no longer have to attend classes early morning or during a specific time. They can also learn from any corner of the room comfortably without having to squeeze themselves in a small classroom.

One major challenge that students face in this pandemic is the negative impact on their mental health. As students, they are well aware of the latest happenings around the world. Having to wake up every day with news of deaths and the rise in Covid cases is causing a mental fear in the minds of students. Another thing is that they tend to deviate from studies as they are no longer under the physical supervision of a teacher and they often find excuses for shirking their duties.

Government measures for students:

There are various rules and regulations laid down by the UGC for students across the country. One of them was going completely digital. The government of India ordered all the educational institutions in the country to close down until further notice. During the close down, all learning has to take place digitally including exams. The order was made in view of the alarming rise in Covid 19 cases in the country.

You may visit this link for details.

How online classes have changed the education environment:

Online classes have made a huge change in the educational environment. Be it in ways a student learns or how a teacher teaches, there is a huge difference when compared with the traditional way of classroom learning familiar to us Indians. Earlier, students had to wake up early in the morning, get dressed and rush to school. But with the introduction of digital learning, students can have flexible learning in the comfort of their homes.

However, there are also disadvantages as students no longer can interact with their classmates and there is no longer the exchange of knowledge or group learning but each student has to learn on their own individually. With the introduction of online classes, there is no longer a competitive environment for students. Students have to get used to learning through smartphones and laptops while teachers have to get used to recording their lectures digitally.

6 things to consider for enrolling in classes:-

Below are 6 things to consider for enrolling in online classes-

  • Know the class timing. Set your day plan according to your live class so that you avoid skipping your classes. Online classes demand excellent time management skills.
  • Know your faculty. If you are joining an online coaching class, make sure you know your faculty profile so that you can choose to learn from the best.
  • Make the most out of it. Do not simply take classes considering it is mandatory, but rather try to absorb as much as you can from each classes.
  • Ask questions. Unlike classroom teaching where you have to stand in the midst of hundreds of students to ask one question, in an online class, it will be more comfortable to ask your doubts. So make the most of it and have your doubts cleared.
  • Log in early. Log in a little early and get yourself acquainted with various features of the application so that you do not make any mistake when the class is live.
  • Find the most comfortable corner in your house. You wouldn’t want to learn form an uncomfortable corner so find yourself a corner where you can relax and comfortably learn.

Some more Great Tips For Online Education Amid Covid-19

IIT-NEET preparation via online coaching:

In online IIT-NEET coaching, students can comfortably learn at their own pace and have a variety of learning options such as video lectures, presentations, mind-maps, online notes, test series and more. They also get the latest JEE and NEET tips from experts directly on their phones.

Online Classes are known to be more engaging than offline classes. This is because students feel less nervous about participating in an online class. Students are more likely to take an active part in the class by giving answers freely, asking questions and even initiate discussions easily.

Learning online helps students save time for self-study. They no longer have to spend time travelling to their coaching institutes. They can instead study from the best institutes in the country right from their homes.

Students can also watch and learn from online lectures any number of times until they are sure that they have understood the concept. Students can create their study schedule based on their availability. Taking JEE-NEET online coaching classes or IIT coaching online will give you a chance to solve online mock tests which will raise your confidence and enable you to prepare well for the entrance tests.

 The journey of JEE and NEET preparation online is not an easy journey. That is why students often feel stressed because they want to perform the best in the examinations and are often unable to take further stress. This often leads them to judge themselves incorrectly and makes them lose self-confidence.

During such times, they need guidance and emotional support from people who understand their struggles. Online coaching institutions should not only provide JEE and NEET examinations tips to the students but also provide a facility to the students where they can interact with the tutors and seek guidance on how to stay motivated.

At Lalan’s coaching classes, we believe that every student has the potential to master the skills that are essential to achieve academic excellence and success in this fast-changing world. We take pride in having some of the Best faculties in the state to mentor students and guide them right from the start. We also take immense pride in having been successful in mentoring a large number of students who have cleared their IIT-NEET examinations with flying colors.

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