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Tips to find competitive exam coaching

Top tips to find the best competitive exam coaching class.

Nowadays, there is a huge number of coaching institutes for IIT-JEE & other entrance examinations sprouting up in all major places in India. Here are the top tips to find the best competitive exam coaching class. Every day, we see these training institutes showing us their victorious results, but then we never got to see the number of absolute understudies from those who took education from them. So how would you ever know which coaching institution will be the best for you? Especially when every institution swears to be the best?

Well, in hopes to guide you with your decision-making, we have listed down several tips to help you find the best competitive exam coaching institution for you. Do check them out below:

  1. Know how well the institution managed: To produce successful students in the past. You can simply find this out by checking their past results on the internet. If it is not available on the internet, you may approach a past student who can brief you on the matter. You may check the student number and success ratio to find out if the institution is effectively mentoring its students. This is important because you will get to know if the institution is working to help their students succeed or simply running for the sake of money.  
  2. Is it essential to find out what the institution gives importance to?: Look for their instructing methodologies so that you may understand what their teaching methods are and what their teaching focus on. This is important because through it you may understand if their importance is your importance. See what the subjects they are good at are and what subjects they are weak in. See if their teaching methods will suit your learning methods.
  3. You might want to find out who all are teaching at the institution and what their capabilities are: Understanding the teacher’s strength will help you in understanding the subject because you are going to learn from him/her. Apart from knowing their qualification, you might as well ask past students if their teachings are easy to understand and if they are learning well from them. Or, a teacher may have an excellent qualification but have poor teaching skills. In that case, you will not at all benefit from him. So it is best if you find out beforehand in order to avoid disappointment later on.
  4. The location of the institution is also a thing that matters: If the institution is located too far away from your place, believe it or not, you will probably spend all your energy on traveling rather than studying.  Try to list all the institutions located that are within a short distance from your place and check them out one by one. However, if the institution is worth the travel, you can go for it. Because it is better to learn from the best that is located far away than learn nothing nearby.
  5. Apart from the teaching faculty: It is important to know what kind and quality of study materials will be given by the institute. Make sure that all parts of the test being directed are covered and that they regularly encourage class practice on the materials provided. If the materials are good, it will be fully informed regarding every recent necessity of the test and not simply a repetition of more seasoned test papers. Because having the right materials to study will help you in many ways for your exam and it will also save you plenty of time and energy.
  6. Find out how much you will be charged for the learning: Are they charging fairly or is it too much? You want to learn from the best but make sure they are not overcharging you because you might find the same learning facility at a lower cost. There are good institutions that charge fairly for quality education. So look for those. Also, you should also check if they offer any discounts based on the entrance exams and if there’s any fee wave opportunity. However, always keep in mind what your essential requirement is for example Quality education.
  7. Find an institution that not only teaches but guides you: And be there for you. Preparing for an exam is not only studying but emotionally preparing as well. You will want an institution that provides counseling when you need it because you will need it. Many factors will hinder your studies and that is why you will want to stay motivated throughout your preparation.  A good coaching institute will be consistently accessible anytime for its understudies in tackling their issues.
  8. Ask yourself: Is this the environment I want to learn from? You may neglect it, but the environment in which you will be learning is equally important to other factors as well. See to it that the classroom is spacious enough and not crowded, properly ventilated, and lighting system. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to learn in a classroom where it will be too crowded and dark as it will affect your concentration. We do not encourage you to look for a five-star classroom but something that is clean and well ventilated so that you can comfortably learn.
  9. One good tip to know if the institution is right for you or not is to join for a trial class: If the institution doesn’t provide it, you may request at least one week of trial class. During this week, you will get to know a lot about the institution and the classmates with whom you will be learning with. A competitive study environment is recommended as it will help you to do better each week. Well, you wouldn’t want to study in an environment where it feels like no one is willing to learn right?
  10. The class timing is also an important factor: If you are someone who likes to study at night, you might want to choose a coaching institution that provides classes in the evening but if you are a student who enjoys studying early in the morning, try to find an institution that provides early morning classes. Choosing the right timing to learn will help you learn better so if the institution provides both morning and evening classes, choose the one that suits you best for you.
  11. One last important thing is to check if the faculty are checking the progress of the student: You will definitely need someone who will check your progress to help you understand your journey and keep track of your strength and weaknesses. So fins an institution where the faculty are regularly checking the progress of their students and giving counseling or mentoring if required. You can do this yourself but to have a teacher looking after you will make you want to give your best and that will eventually help you improve your study.


At Lalan’s coaching, we provide education with a difference. We have curated the best learning environment for our students with the help of our promising faculty that not only teach you but guides you throughout the journey of preparing for your exam. Our students not only learn from the best but receive emotional support at all times from our faculty to help them stay motivated throughout their preparation. We boast in the results of our students who have passed out with flying colors.

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