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CBSE Board Exam 2021-2022

It has been decided by The Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Board Exam 2021-2022 for classes 10th and 12th will be conducted in two terms. Term 1 of the exam will be completely based on MCQ, while Term 2 of the exam will either have detailed questions or MCQ questions, depending on the pandemic condition in the country in 2022. CBSE class 10&12 term 1 board exam 2021-22 will have a theory paper with 40 marks each. The exam is scheduled to take place in November-December this year itself.

The Term 1 paper will have 3 types of MCQs- Case-based MCQs, Stand-alone MCQs, and MCQs based on Assertion-Reason. One can prepare for it by solving sample papers and getting acquainted with the marking scheme.

As we look forward to CBSE Board Exam 2021-2022 releasing its official CBSE Sample Papers, you will need to prepare yourself well to score well. You can start preparing by studying books that are based on the latest syllabus for the 2021-22 Board Examinations with relevant MCQs of all three typologies to help you familiarize yourself with the Term 1 paper.

Visit the link for Chapter-wise Topic-wise New CBSE Syllabus CBSE MCQs Question Banks Class 12 for Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22:

You might want to go through various sample questions of class 12 and its marking schemes to help you understand your exam better. Understanding it will help your preparation easier as you can find out which topics are most likely to be asked and in which ways questions will be asked. Visit the link below for a sample question paper for class 12 including a marking scheme.

CBSE | Academics Unit – Class XII 2021-2022 SQP and MS (

We understand how tough it is both mentally and physically during exam preparation.

That is why we have added a few tips to help you prepare easier. Do check them out below:
1. Do not over-exhaust yourself mentally by thinking too much. Instead, start your preparation early and go slowly. If you don’t start early, you will have to push yourself and that is going to exhaust you. So try to start as early as possible and go slowly. There is no such thing as too early to prepare.
2. Make a plan and follow it. Making a plan is easy but following it isn’t. So make sure your plans are very simple and easy to follow. If possible, make a weekly plan instead of the weekly plan so that you may stay on track and will not deviate from it.
3. Rest well. The exam is coming doesn’t mean any more rest. Make sure you take enough rest every night so that your body is well recharged and your mind is clear. This will help you in your concentration as lack of sleep and rest will prevent you from learning.
4. Try to solve previous year’s questions or sample questions as much as possible. This will not only help you in learning but will boost your confidence as it will help you understand how questions are asked and what topics are most likely to come in exams.
5. Eat well. Please. Do not skip your meals. Try to eat healthily and on time. Eat plenty of greens and fruits to help your body generate as much energy as it needs.
6. Try group study with your friends. Ask each other and help each other evaluate knowledge. Group study/discussion will help you in a deeper understanding of various topics. At the same time, you get to learn a lot from your friends.

Lalan’s Coaching classes would like to wish all our students the very best for their CBSE Board Exam 2021-2022! Register Now For Excellence.

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