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CUET B.Pharm 2024 Syllabus physics, Chemistry, Math & Biology

CUET B.Pharm 2024 Syllabus - Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Math

CUET B.Pharm 2023: The B. Pharm curriculum for 2024 at CUET is comprehensive and designed to equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry. Students who undertake this course will be at a distinct advantage in the job market and are sure to have a fulfilling and successful career.

Every academic year, thousands of students apply for undergraduate programs in Pharmacy. To get admitted into these programs, students have to pass a university entrance test. The B.Pharm 2024 entrance test syllabus includes a range of subjects that will be evaluated. This test measures students’ knowledge in fields like chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics, so it is essential to have a strong foundation in these subjects.

CUET 2023 B.pharm syllabus PCMB

CUET B.Pharm 2024 Syllabus - Physics:
Atoms & Nuclei
Current Electricity
Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation
Electronic Devices
Communication Systems
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Magnetics Effects of Current and Magnetism
Electromagnetic Waves
CUET B.Pharm 2024 Syllabus - Chemistry


  • Protein
  • Harmones
  • Elementry Idea
  • Carbohydrates
  • Redox reactions


  • Classification

Chemistry in Everyday Life:-

  • Chemicals in medicines
  • Chemical in food
  • Cleansing agents

d and f Block Elements

  • Actinoids
  • General Introduction
  • Lanthanoids
Biological, industrial and Environmental Chemistry
Principles of Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons
Theoretical principles of experimental chemistry
States of Matter
Atomic Structure
CUET B.Pharm 2024 Syllabus - Mathematics
Mathematical modeling
Linear programming
Integral calculus
Differential Calculus
2D and 3D Coordinate Geometry
CUET B.Pharm 2024 Syllabus - Biology
Diversity in the living world
Structure and fucntions of plants and animals
Ecology and environment
Genetics and evolution
Reproduction and Developments in plants and humans
Biotechnology and its applications

Students must also have a good grasp of analytical and critical thinking skills. That is because the questions in the B.Pharm 2024 entrance test will not be straightforward and will require students to think critically. It is also essential to have excellent time management and practice question paper-solving since time is a crucial factor for this test.

In addition, students must stay informed of the latest developments in the field of pharmacy, including the current trends and advancements in technology. This knowledge will help them answer questions related to the practical application of pharmacy knowledge.

CUET 2024 B.pharm Exam pattern

The Common university entrance test for B.Pharm 2024 exam pattern is designed to assess each candidate’s abilities in various areas that are crucial to excel in the course.

The pattern generally consists of objective-type questions that may vary from topic to topic within the syllabus. The exam’s main focus is to test an individual’s understanding of subjects such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics. Therefore, preparing for the exam will involve brushing up on basic concepts of these subjects.

Additionally, the pattern for B.Pharm 2024 may have added sections such as analytical and logical reasoning that would assess the student’s critical and analytical thinking skills. A key point to remember while preparing for the exam would be to practice time management so that the candidate is prepared to complete the exam within the allotted timeframe.

Particular Details
Exam Name CUET 2024
Eligibility 12th Pass from any recognizable board
Duration 3 Slots
Exam Type MCQ

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